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How to Make Delicious Low Carb Brownies

If you're craving chocolate, but want to watch your figure, then you need to learn how to make low carb brownies! Let's be honest here. Brownies aren't the healthiest treat. Brownies get their carb loads from the flour and the sugar used to bake them. So it's a challenge to keep them low carb as baked products generally have high carbohydrates. (If you've read our peanut butter cookie recipe, you know what I'm talking about!) Several "miracle brownie" recipes are available. Unfortunately, these Read more [...]

7 Satisfying, Low Carb Sweets

We all want to watch our weight. So, if our sweet tooth pines for something sugary, we need to find some look for low carb sweets! As I get older, I find my sweet tooth getting decidedly stronger. I honestly can't help myself. But I still need to fit into that cute dress I just bought. It's not fun when your clothes fit you like you're a sausage wrap. So, I have started experimenting in and collecting recipes of low carb sweets that satisfy my sweet tooth's cravings. Whether you want to complete Read more [...]

Five Healthy, Low Carb Chips to Munch On

All low carb dieters will realize something simple. Dieting is not a quick weight loss solution; it is a way of life. You'll constantly try to substitute your favorite foods for the "low carb" option. I've enjoyed potato chips as a kid, so I've always been on the hunt for great low carb chips. What's great about hunting for healthy chips is that the available options are plentiful and delicious. I have been checking out low carb chips to satisfy my cravings for something crunchy in my mouth. Read more [...]

6 Low Carb Ice Cream at Your Grocery

If you have given up sweets and sugary desserts, then I applaud your willpower. I can't give up the amazing taste of frozen chocolate and vanilla in my mouth. Thankfully, there are plenty of low carb ice cream options to make it so much easier to get through my ice cream-craving days. Here are some of the low carb ice cream brands available at a grocery store. A Few of My Favorite Low Carb Ice Cream Brands 1. Breyer’s "CarbSmart" Net Carb Count: 4-5 grams per serving This series is Read more [...]

7 Low Carb Fruits You Need in Your Diet

One of the hardest things to do on a carbohydrate-controlled diet is to give up your favorite fruits. Don't get me wrong, fruit isn't bad for you. After all, have you ever seen a fruit lover, who was also fat? No way! Remember, fruit is high in a simple sugar called fructose. A simple sugar is fuel that can be utilized by our cells without requiring further processing. Fructose has a glycemic index of 22 compared to glucose, which sets the glycemic index standard at 100. All in all, fructose is Read more [...]

Simple and Delicious Low Carb Side Dishes

Providing low carb side dishes with every meal can pose a bit of a challenge to the low carb dieter. Even more so if the rest of your family is not on the same diet as you. The beginner low carb dieter often feels overwhelmed by the seeming lack of choices. The seasoned low carb dieter knows there is almost everything to choose from. I used to be a skeptic until I tasted mashed cauliflower. Until then, I had pooh-poohed the idea of mashed cauliflower substituting for mashed potatoes. I could not Read more [...]

7 Tasty Low Carb Chili Ideas

Low carb dieters are often asked, “but what do you eat?!” in tones of disbelief and amazement. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to say, pretty much everything. Just differently. I have been exploring low carb chili recipes and fitness websites to come up with a working formula for finger-licking, bottom- of -bowl -scraping good chili which is acceptable on a carb counter’s menu. People are sentimental, secretive, obsessive about their chili recipes and I will not even begin to suggest Read more [...]

How to Make a Healthy, Low Carb Cake

Living a low carb lifestyle asks for a lot of self-control. How many times do we have to shake our heads "no" the waiter, when he asks if we want to try that Key Lime Pie we've been eying on the dessert menu all night? And how often do we have to ask for only a small slice of that birthday cake passed around to everyone else? While they pile their plates with a huge chunk of cake with frosting on top? Fortunately, we can still bake a healthy cake. There are those of us who bake cake Read more [...]

9 of the Healthiest Low Carb Frozen Meals

Low carb diets are effective. No doubt about it. But this kind of diet calls for planning ahead. Not everyone has time for fussing around in the kitchen to cook elaborate meals. So frozen meals are a life saver. But if you're on a diet, then finding healthy low carb frozen meals can get tricky. Picking random frozen meals off the supermarket shelf offhand is not a good idea. Frozen meals can be notoriously high in sodium content, contain irresponsible quantities of fat, and fall seriously short Read more [...]