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Side Dish

Simple and Delicious Low Carb Side Dishes

Providing low carb side dishes with every meal can pose a bit of a challenge to the low carb dieter. Even more so if the rest of your family is not on the same diet as you. The beginner low carb dieter often feels overwhelmed by the seeming lack of choices. The seasoned low carb dieter knows there is almost everything to choose from. I used to be a skeptic until I tasted mashed cauliflower. Until then, I had pooh-poohed the idea of mashed cauliflower substituting for mashed potatoes. I could not Read more [...]

7 Tasty Low Carb Chili Ideas

Low carb dieters are often asked, “but what do you eat?!” in tones of disbelief and amazement. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to say, pretty much everything. Just differently. I have been exploring low carb chili recipes and fitness websites to come up with a working formula for finger-licking, bottom- of -bowl -scraping good chili which is acceptable on a carb counter’s menu. People are sentimental, secretive, obsessive about their chili recipes and I will not even begin to suggest Read more [...]