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How to Make Low Carb Brownies

How to Make Delicious Low Carb Brownies

If you’re craving chocolate, but want to watch your figure, then you need to learn how to make low carb brownies!

Let’s be honest here. Brownies aren’t the healthiest treat. Brownies get their carb loads from the flour and the sugar used to bake them. So it’s a challenge to keep them low carb as baked products generally have high carbohydrates. (If you’ve read our peanut butter cookie recipe, you know what I’m talking about!)

Several “miracle brownie” recipes are available. Unfortunately, these “miracles” usually end up tasting like cardboard! Who wants to eat that?

However, over the years, I’ve whipped up a personal recipe that not only tastes great, but is lower on carbs than the average brownie.

low carb brownies

You can enjoy brownies that taste great, and stay low on carbs!

The Lowest Carb Brownie Recipe You’ll Ever Find

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Low Carb Brownies

**Makes about 25 cookies, 150 calories each

Net Carbs: 4 grams per cookie



  1. Grease an 8” square baking pan with your preferred fat. I use the butter paper wrapping for this one last service before discarding it.
  2. Dust the greased tin with a mix of wheat bran and soy flour.
  3. Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, maybe 5 degrees lower if you have a ‘hot’ oven or are using dark baking tins.
  4. Next up, make a Bain Marie! A Bain Marie is simply a fancy word for a water bath. A water bath keeps delicate ingredients from charring while trying to bring them to a gentle melt. In a saucepan of simmering water (I start with hot water from the tap), add the butter and the chocolate.
  5. Once it melts, whisk in a mixture of half the sucralose and half the heavy cream.
  6. Turn off the heat and keep this warm until used in the next step.
  7. In a deep mixing bowl, mix in a few ingredients like eggs, the rest of the sucralose, the vanilla extract and beat until just blended.
  8. Now add the chocolate mix to this and blend in evenly.
  9. At this point, switch to a wooden spatula and mix in the remaining ingredients.
  10. Spread evenly into the prepared baking tin and bake on center rack for 35 minutes. Do not leave it in the oven once it is done because it will turn into tree bark!

This brownie recipe is a much healthier alternative to the traditional brownie. The average brownie has almost 21 grams of carbs in one piece and around 243 calories! That means this recipe has less than 20% of the carbs of the average brownie and only 60% of the calories! All together, this brownie is a great balance between taste and nutrition.

Remember, losing weight is not about starving yourself or banning your favorite foods from your life. This will only make you miserable. The end goal of eating right is to make ourselves happier and healthier. So, feel free to enjoy this healthier brownie option. Your sweet tooth will love you for it! And as long as you eat these in moderation, your body will enjoy this treat too!

If you enjoyed this brownie, you may want to try our cake recipe as well!

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